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2006 Credit Union Armed Robbery Training Manual
This 2006 Credit Union CD is available for purchase securely on-line!
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Support topics and materials
Armed Robbery Posters (3 high resolution sizes)
OSHA Poster
Bomb Devices, Images
Bomb Threats and Physical Security Planning
Letter and Package Bomb detection techniques
Semi Automatic Pistols (7 high resolution)
Revolvers (9 high resolution)
Shotguns (9 high resolution)
Rifles (6 high resolution)
Ammunition, (All weapons, 18 high resolution)
Adobe Acrobat Reader (Version 5, Installation)
49 high resolution images of weapons are included in the this new robbery training manual. Many of these images are courtesy of the Smith & Wesson Corporation and Remington Firearms Corporation. All of the weapons are formatted into (BMP) for importing into any presentation program, or use with any graphics viewer.

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2006 Credit Union Robbery Training
The 2006 Edition Credit Union Armed Robbery Training Manual CD. A must for Credit Union Management and Operations employees.
This training manual contains 693MB's, 466 files, and 69 folders of training information. This manual is available for purchase securely on-line!
This manual will be available for retail purchase after 2005 Credit Union Armed Robbery Training ManualJanuary 1st, 2006 for $255.00 (US). This manual is available at $245.00 for all credit card orders made securely on-line. We accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and electronically processed check orders.

This CD manual discusses the following topics:

  • *Alarms, use & training.
  • Armed robbery FAQ’s for Credit Unions.
  • Armed robbery training, a critical process for Credit Unions
  • Bomb threats. Now what do we do? When do we do it?
  • *Communications during an emergency
  • *Conducting mock robbery training
  • *Conducting off-site training
  • *Credit Unions, searching your branch.
  • Crime prevention though environmental design
  • Executive and Family Safety at Home
  • How to conduct a complete and comprehensive security survey for your Credit Union
  • Increasing your robbery risk?
  • *Injuries and weapons. Which weapon causes the most injuries each year?
  • *Myths of armed robbery. What are they, and do they influence your margin of safety?
  • *Observation skills. What are they and how to develop them?
  • *Physical and environmental security
  • *Police responses and procedures
  • *Resisting a holdup. Is it possible to resist a holdup when you are trying to comply?
  • Robbery Policy and Procedure development for senior management employees. What are they? Learn how to develop them.
  • *Robbery procedure cards. What are they and how do they work?
  • *Robbery security surveys (Checklist)
  • *Robbery training. A critical process for Credit Unions
  • *Robbery training studies. Does armed robbery training work?
  • *Robbery training techniques
  • *Security lighting. What is it and how do we achieve and maintain it?
  • Security questions for branch employees
  • Security questions for branch managers
  • Security questions for senior managers
  • Short duration robbery training sessions
  • Suspicious devices or objects, now what do you do?
  • *Credit Union target selection and security. Why do we get robbed?
  • Target hardening, an introduction to terrorism and security considerations
  • Tools you need to evaluate your security risks. What are they and why do you need them?
  • *Training by role playing
  • *Weapons of robbery
*This training topic is followed by content outlines, study guide questions, and any forms, full color images, checklists, guidelines, or procedure cards relevant to that particular armed robbery topic.
PowerPoint slide programs
Bomb Devices
Bombs, searching your branch
Bombs, threats, and emergency procedure
CU Executive and Family Safety at Home
Conducting Mock Robbery Training
Conducting Off-Site Training
FAQ's, CU robbery issues
Forms, Guidelines, and Checklists
Frequently asked questions, CU robbery issues
Injuries and Weapons
Mock Robbery training, Off-site
Mock Robbery training, On-site
Police Response
Protecting your Credit Union
Resisting a holdup
Resisting a holdup, Credit Unions
Robbery policy and procedure writing for senior managers
Robbery training methods, What works?
Robbery training methods, Observation skills
Robbery training methods, target selection
Robbery training methods, post robbery procedure
Short duration robbery training exercises
Weapons of Robbery
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