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Armed Robbery Expert, John D. Moore, CPP

John D. Moore, CPP, is Board Certified in Security Management. He is an armed robbery expert and consultant to high-risk occupational groups, as well as print and broadcast mediaJohn D. Moore, CPP, Armed Robbery Expert sources. His writing and consulting career focus around businesses with a high risk for armed robbery, and those businesses are central to the technical armed robbery issues that he writes and lectures about.

Mr. Moore is a 31-year veteran of police service, retiring in 1997 after spending 27 of his years with the Spokane Police Department, in Spokane, Washington. Mr. Moore spent 16 years of his police career designing and implementing robbery-training programs for high-risk employee groups. Four years of his career were spent as a United States Air Force Security Police trainer, creating and delivering security training programs for USAF security personnel.

John has lectured in Germany, many parts of the United States and Canada, and is a published author in the field of armed robbery training programs for high-risk businesses. He has been an advisor for Bank and Credit Union security officials, since 1977. John continues to lecture, and write about armed robbery training, as well as consulting with high-risk businesses about their robbery problems. His articles, appearances, and published interviews have been featured in many media and public outlets including:


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Local, regional, and national newspapers,
Scripps-Howard News Service  
Local and regional television broadcast sources including,
    Northwest Cable News,
    Public Broadcasting Television
    (PBS), local and regional
    Cox Cable Television (Comcast)
    Spokane City Government Television
National broadcast media outlets including:
    Public radio,
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    PBS NewsHour with Jim Lehrer,
    Public Broadcasting Television (PBS), National
    PM Magazine (Syndicated)
    Court TV (United States),
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    Lifetime Television Network.
    Radio talk shows, multiple communities (US and Canada)

John D. Moore, CPP, Armed Robbery ExpertMr. Moore has received state, national, and international awards for his work in the field of crime prevention, and he is listed in Who's Who in Security. John is a past President of the International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners, as well as a past President of the Washington State Crime Prevention Association. Mr. Moore is a three-time Chairman of Spokane Chapter 154, American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS)  He is a past member of the ASIS standing committee on Crime Prevention. Mr. Moore has been a Certified Protection Professional since completing the ASIS professional certification board-testing program, in April 1984.  In 2012 Mr. Moore was awarded with lifetime CPP status from the professional certification board.

Mr. Moore's current projects include his continuing work on the Armed Robbery Training Manual 2010. Developmental plans for future editions are ongoing at this time. Mr. Moore has just released the new 2009/2010 Armed Robbery Training Manual DVDR for Credit Union management teams and robbery trainers. The 2009 Credit Union Training CD is the most comprehensive training manual released for Credit Unions to date. Mr. Moore's on-line robbery training courses for high-risk employee groups are in the final stages of development and testing. These courses will provide immediate training capabilities for management teams and their high-risk employee groups.

Expert witness consultation, and law firm research consulting also provided on a case by case basis.  OSHA complaint research and consultations are also done on a case by case basis.  Our projects have included complete security workups for large and small Credit Union organizations, as well as fortune 100 and fortune 500 retailers.   Mr. Moore, has completed security surveys on Pharmacy locations in many locations inside the United States. Our recent projects included on-site security consultations for a large national pharmaceutical services company.  

Mr. Moore is the author of 12 technical manuals dealing with armed robbery issues, and he is the central author of the Armed Robbery Training Manual, which was first released in the United States in April of 1999. This manual is now in continuous use by armed robbery trainers in 25 countries, and it's 10th edition was released for distribution in 2010. The Armed Robbery Training Manual includes training for small businesses, as well as commercial, government, and financial targets. It is available for immediate use in the workplace, and is available on CD ROM  (and DVDR) so that trainers and high-risk employees can print what they want, whenever they need it. The 2010 updated version of the Armed Robbery Training Manual (1.3GB DVDR) includes CORE subjects; elective and support subjects, forms, guidelines, checklists, outlines, study questions, high-resolution images, and complete multi-media slide programs built in Microsoft PowerPoint. The 2009 release of the 9th John D. Moore, CPP, Armed Robbery ExpertEdition is the most comprehensive set of resources we have ever provided to high-risk targets, management teams, and robbery trainers.

Mr. Moores training programs are available via elearning, with programs that can be tailored to retail, financial, and other industries.   Elearning training concepts can be modified to the needs of the client, and may reside on your servers or ours.  Availablilty in other languages is also possible, so contact us for a needs assessment and a proposal for your company.

John is the CEO of Armed Robbery Training Associates, LLC, which is a United States based company headquartered in Spokane, Washington.

Mr. Moore has been a Certified Protection Professional since completing the ASIS professional certification board-testing program, in April 1984.

Armed Robbery Training Manual, 2005 Editions

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