Armed robbery security management group

Welcome to the armed robbery security management group. 

Armed Robbery Training Associates, LLC, Security management group

This Internet email group was developed as an active discussion area for high-risk business managers, and professional security managers/trainers.  Each member of this list has committed to become an active list participant in robbery related discussions and problem solving. 

Corporate or paid Internet account email addresses are required for our active participants. 

Visitors seeking to join the armed robbery security management group are required to complete a downloadable subscription application (PDF).

Adobe Acrobat is necessary to complete the required application form (free download,  Submitting this form will attach it to your email program for emailing to the list owner and moderators.  Once accepted for list membership, you will be invited to join in the active discussions dealing with armed robbery security management issues.

To download your subscription application form (PDF), go to:

If you are unable to email the form, print it and mail it to:
Armed Robbery Training Associates, LLC
PO Box 18715
Spokane, WA.  USA
99228-0715 (ATTN: AR Group)

We look forward to your application, and to your active participation in our online armed robbery security management group.



John D. Moore, CPP
Armed Robbery Training Associates, LLC
Spokane, Washington 99228-0715


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